You see, I don’t just make cakes. I run a business. Womack Consulting Group has been instrumental in clarifying this for me. I’ve worked with LaKesha Womack for a while and it has made a HUGE difference in the growth and development of The Buttercreamery.

 After 14 years of providing consulting services, one of the biggest issues that I have with my clients is not having enough time to create the level of impact I know they are capable of. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, I often find myself squeezed between this and that. I am proud of the successes that we have achieved so far but I know that there is so much more!

After all the conferences, webinars, articles, and other information that you have consumed this year; how much time have you spent developing an implementation plan?

If your answer is - not as much as I know I need to - you should join us for an upcoming Reset and Refocus Retreat.

Each retreat is all inclusive at a beachfront hotel. Once you register, all you have to pay for is your travel and we will take care of everything else (hotel accommodations, meals, materials, and transportation to and from the airport).

During your time with us, you will develop relationships with a small group of like minded professionals, enjoy sessions designed to specifically address your issues, and create a plan of action to achieve your goals.

After the retreat, you will receive three months of executive coaching with LaKesha as well as an invitation to join a quarterly MasterMind group to hold you accountable to your implementation plan.

Register today! Spaces are limited and will fill up fast!

LaKesha did a phenomenal job presenting to the members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority on creating your personal brand on a limited budget. She was eager to share her experiences and gave clear, concise and effective advice. I have used her ideas to build on my professional and personal brand and image.

Reset & Refocus Business Retreat

Sessions will include:

  • Vision Casting

  • Business Planning for 2020

  • Sales and Marketing Audit

  • Strategies to Increase Your Profitability

  • Time to relax and reflect!!

Reset & Refocus Leadership Retreat

Sessions will include:

  • Vision Casting

  • Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Positioning Yourself as an Industry Expert

  • Strategies to Fund Your Dreams

  • Time to relax and reflect!!!

Reset & Refocus Personal Retreat

Sessions will include:

  • Vision Casting

  • Creating a Road-map to Your Success

  • BrandingU

  • Budgeting for Personal and Professional Success

  • Time to relax and reflect!!!

LaKesha Womack is an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Her ability to connect with her audience is exceptional. It is clear from the very start that she prepares meticulously and naturally commands the attention of the room. The content of her presentation to our faculty and staff was just as compelling as her delivery of the material. We are a better team because LaKesha has given us the materials and the methods to excel in every area.