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Dream. Plan. ACT!

About Womack Consulting Group

Womack Consulting Group was founded by LaKesha Womack. After speaking with a friend who was interning for a top five consulting firm, she realized that many small business owners lacked the access to consultants with the capacity to assist them with operating more efficiently. Using the skills that she attained while working as a Financial Adviser, Retail Store Manager, and Restaurant Trainer; LaKesha recognized that the products/services that each business operates differs but all businesses require sound human resource policies, strong accounting practices, and documented policies and procedures.

In the past fifteen years, Womack Consulting Group has worked with clients a variety of industries including technology, publishing, retail, transportation, political, and media. The firm listens to the needs of each client to understand their needs and creates a customized strategic plan for them to achieve their goals. Through regular strategy sessions, clients are held accountable to doing the work on their business while relying on the expterise of Womack Consulting Group to guide their decsion making. 



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Lead Consultant


LaKesha Womack

LaKesha is the Owner and Lead Consultant with Womack Consulting Group. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Vanderbilt University in Political Science. Following graduation she worked as a Retail Store Manager, Financial Adviser, and Newspaper Manager before deciding to operate Womack Consulting Group full time. In 2017, LaKesha became a member of the Forbes' Coaches Council as thought leader on leadership topics.

LaKesha is the published author of seven books including Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle. She is the host of the online radio show, The LaKesha Womack Show. She is also a national professional speaker with variations of Using Social Media and My Money Matters being her most requested presentation topics. LaKesha is also a Minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and serves as the Connectional Chairperson of the Young Adults in Christian Ministries. She is politically active and in the process of founding a Super PAC focused on the progressive issues facing low to moderate income communities and people of color.

LaKesha resides in Charlotte North Carolina with her son, Kristian.






Activities & Affiliations

• Connectional Chairperson, Young Adults in Christian Ministries
• Founder, The Common Sense Super Political Action Committee
• Participant, Democratic Congressional Committee University
• Young Adult Task Force, Churches Uniting in Christ
• Member, Forbes' Coaches Council
• Platform Partner & Member, Black Speakers Network