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Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application Design


Connect directly with your prospects and customers by creating a customized mobile application that will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. What better way to promote events, discounts, new releases, reminders and so much more than through push notifications? 


Our Mobile Applications are customized for your business type. Once your order is placed, we will forward a Client Intake Form for you to complete then follow up with a Strategy Call to discuss your business and branding. We will work with you to create a mobile application that helps you to connect with your prospects and clients directly.

Business Application Features

  • Sell products through App with In-App purchase
  • Link app to your website, blog & RSS feed
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • App accessible in offline/airplane mode
  • Request a Quote Feature
  • Appointment Request form
  • One click Call
  • Give customers turn by turn GPS directions to your business
  • Offer Membership, Loyalty card & Discount Coupons
  • Event Calendar feature
  • Announce Specials & Events to app users via Push Notifications.
  • Showcase your Business using Photo Gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram

Medical Industry Application Features

  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • Request appointments through the app
  • One click Call
  • Give patients turn by turn GPS directions to your business
  • Send daily health tips through push notifications
  • Send appointment reminders with push notifications, emails and text messages

Religious Groups Application Features

  • Calendar to keep track of important events
  • Share daily prayers and inspirational messages through push notifications
  • Share religious messages and sermons through videos and images
  • Send meeting and event reminders directly to members with pu sh notifications, text messages, and emails

Restaurant Application Features

  • Loyalty Cards stored on their phone
  • Send coupons, invitations to special events, and discount offers through push notifications
  • Integrate with OpenTable and/or GrubHub
  • List menu items with photos
  • All ordering through the app
  • Receive reservations through the app

Real Estate Application Features

  • Location Based Real Estate Directory with multiple listings
  • Property listing with images or videos
  • Location Based Search will auto detect user’s location and display the closest listings
  • Allow clients to set appointments through the app
  • Bulk Property listings upload via csv feature
  • Give customers turn by turn directions to the property using GPS
  • Event Calendar showcasing open houses
  • Promote Offers & Events with push notifications

Speaker/Author Application Features

  • Sell products with In-App purchases
  • Link to your mobile website, blog & RSS feed
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • Request a Quote feature for Speaking bookings
  • Announce Specials & Events to users via Push Notifications.
  • Share photos through Picasa, Flickr and Instagram integrations